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"Looks Great! I am super happy." ~ Mark Rayor

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More time to fish!
With the winter winds upon us in Baja I finally had some time to catch up on my website, which should be an easy thing to do -- in theory! But here it was again, with bits breaking and disappearing more often than some ancient Halco's.

A few of the problems were plugins, like picture slideshows and calendars, that did things I liked when I found them, but lost support over the years. My old website design software was also no longer supported and its text seemed to look a lot grainier on my iPad and other newer hi-res displays. After an hour or two going back and forth with someone from tech support on one of the plugins I decided to give Ryan a call as he came highly recommended: easy to work with, and would only do work I wanted or needed done. Sign me up!

After a chat regarding the things I wanted to fix and a bit of ranting on the other stuff, Ryan summed it up, "What's it worth to you to save these hours when the fish our biting?" Slick. I was looking at just one of the picture sliders that wasn't working and he knew that redesigning my site would solve that, plus all the other related problems. A couple of weeks later and I had this:
Our New Website vs Our Old

A bit of a difference huh?  Not only did the redesign make me super happy (see my quote above...) but it  got rid of a ton of headaches when ever I needed to work with it. Finally, he did all this in time for me to mention the new site on Let's Talk Hookup (www.hookup1090.com) while talking about the upcoming season.

Here's a few of the things he did while working on my site:

  • Scratch designed my new logo.  He used the same font and color scheme of the names on our boats.
  • Redirected all my old and mirrored domains to http://teamjenwren.com.
  • Listed all changes with Google.com. Search for Jen Wren, Vista Sea Sport, or me you find our new site.
  • Gave me updates on all changes as they happened and how people were viewing the site.
  • Integrated my Facebook, Calendar, and Blog onto the new Team Jen Wren site.
  • Gave me the tools and training to edit and update changes I want to make on my own.
  • Got me on web software that keeps secure and up-to-date automatically.

You can still see the old website here if you want to compare for yourself, but my main advice is to do like what I did: give Ryan a call and don't waste my time with the old site!  

If you're in the US you can call or text him at +1-310-362-5598 or email him from anywhere at hello@rquadrant.com.  His website is http://rquadrant.com.  

~ Mark Rayor

Mark Rayor